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Timber-Frame Restoration

Timber-Frame Restoration

Authentic Building Materials for Timber Frame Monument Protection

At ClayTec, we are the timber frame professionals, and our 35 years of experience provide comprehensive assurance for your timber frame restoration. We have developed authentic materials and techniques, for which we were awarded the German Prize for Monument Protection in 1997. For infill and exterior plaster, you’ll find historical materials, clay bricks of the highest application class, and perfectly coordinated lime plasters. We also offer many options for interior insulation and wall design, whether authentically historical or modern.

Over 35 years ago, Peter Breidenbach founded the craftsmanship company “Lehmbau Breidenbach.” Nationwide timber frame restoration was our primary focus, starting in 1984 with the Kollenberger Hof in Neuss-Rosellen. Among the numerous projects of that time, the half-timbered house Römer 2-4-6 in Limburg/Lahn stands out; at the time of restoration, it was 700 years old and a subject of extensive house research.

From the roots of our craft experience, we have developed and matured authentic clay building materials and techniques. In recognition of our contribution to the renewed availability of this ancient building material in preserving the German timber frame landscape, we were awarded the “German Prize for Monument Protection” in 1997. Under the ClayTec label, we now offer timber frame restoration as a system: historical materials for infill, alternatively modern clay bricks of the highest application class, perfectly coordinated lime exterior plasters, and diverse clay interior plasters. We also provide many options for interior insulation and wall and ceiling design, whether authentically historical or modern.

In this webinar, our Technical and Sales Manager, Dipl.-Ing. Ulrich Röhlen, describes the fundamentals of timber frame restoration. He lectures on old and new techniques, the building physics of timber frame houses, and the proven ClayTec systems for timber frame restoration using clay building materials.


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