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gräfix 61 Fine lime thin-coat render

gräfix 61 Fine lime thin-coat render

Art.-Nr.: 21.350

Finishing plaster on lime base plaster exterior or clay base plaster interior. Gräfix plasters are cement-free breathable lime mortars for the preservation of monuments with adapted compressive strength. They are ideally suited for use on Claytec clay substrates. Fine Lime thin-coat render is the fine-grained finish for smooth or rubbed surfaces.

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gräfix 61 Fine lime thin-coat render

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gräfix 61 Fine lime thin-coat render

Product information

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Field of application
Breathable lime mortar for exterior plaster in timber-frame restoration and interior plaster on clay undercoat plaster for historical building conservation and restoration.

Lime, crushed limestone sand 0-0.8 mm, additives to improve its workability (surfactants, cellulose and methyl cellulose total < 0.5%).

Material parameters
Bulk density approx. 1,350 kg/m3, strength corresponds to CS I DIN EN 998-1

Supply form, coverage
In moisture-proof 30 kg bags (yields 24 litres mortar. Approx. 1.25 kg/m2 per mm plaster thickness), 40 bags/pal.

Status: 11/2023

gräfix 61 Fine lime thin-coat render


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gräfix 61 Fine lime thin-coat render

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