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Oak Stakes

Oak Stakes

Art.-Nr.: 30.001

Art.-Nr.: 30.002

Sawn oak battens for lattices in infill sections or slatted ceilings and as a substructure for wattle. The traditional clay infilling techniques are used for conservation purposes. They are often also more practical than masonry, e.g. where there are very irregular sections or low beams. The oak wood is strong and durable.

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Oak Stakes

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Oak Stakes

Product information

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Field of application
Oak stakes and willow rods for timber-frame restoration and preservation of historical buildings.

Supply form
Oak stakes: loose or bundled, length approx. 4.0 m, shorter sections also available

Material needs
Oak stakes: for stake lattices, approx. 10-12 metre run/m2 of infill area, for wattle approx. 4 metre run/m2 of infill area.
For slatted timber ceilings approx. 10-12 metre run/m2 of ceiling panel area.

If necessary, roughly remove bark residues and bast from stakes. Sapwood areas must not be used. Cut to length using a hand saw, jigsaw or circular saw. Sharpen the beams on four sides with a hatchet or suitable machine saw (thickness at the tip 10 mm) The stakes must be clamped accurately and tightly in the beam grooves of the truss or ceiling by hammering them in with a hatchet or hammer.

Status: 02/2021

Oak Stakes


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