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Willow Rods

Willow Rods

Art.-Nr.: 31.001

Split willow rods for wattle in timber-frame infills. The traditional clay infill techniques are used for historical building conservation and restoration. These are often not only more practical than masonry but also a lot of fun. The original way of working is creative and satisfying; the timber frame slowly becomes a house. The semi-circular cross-section makes the rods flexible and elastic.

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Willow Rods

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Willow Rods

Product information

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Field of application
Oak stakes and willow rods for timber-frame restoration and preservation of historical buildings

Willow rods: Riven willow spars with a semi-circular or quadrant-shaped cross-section. Thickness up to approx. 2.5 cm.

Supply form
Bundle of 40 rods, length approx. 2.70 m

Material needs
for wattle, 1 bundle for approx. 3-4 m2 of infill area.

The willow rods are cut to length with pruning shears or similar and tightly woven over 3 strands each. The distance between the rods should be approx. 2-3 cm i. L. should remain. Soaking of the willow rods is usually not necessary. Exceptions are, if necessary, compartments with narrow stakes.

Status: 02/2021

Willow Rods


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