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Circularity of earth building materials

A decisive factor for the sustainability and future viability of building materials is their potential for recovery. Mineral building materials are usually crushed and used for subordinate applications, e.g. in road construction. This is called “recycling”, but we should actually speak of “downcycling”. Clay building materials, on the other hand, are recycled or even simply reused.

The building material clay

Water-soluble binding

Clay building materials are water-bound, so they are also water-soluble. Even after decades, they can be reused or reshaped without any loss of value. This recovery potential is unique and a unique selling point compared to almost all other building materials. ClayTec clay building materials enable construction without waste; they are ideal “cradle-to-cradle” products, or “C2C” for short. With clay, perfect circularity is possible like with hardly any other building material.

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The building material clay

Open recycling target

A clay building material can not only be reused 1:1, it can also be converted into another clay building material. This so-called “cross-compatibility” is unique. For example, you can make a “lean” clay mortar by adding sand or recycled grains to “fat” clay obtained from a clay block. A mortar obtained by adding fat clay can be the basic material for a clay building board. If clay building materials are recovered dry, you even have a premix for dry mortar.

The building material clay

Pure separation

As a plaster mortar, clay can be removed without leaving any residue; with clay adhesive, pure water is sufficient to separate connected materials from each other again. The possibility of creating detachable connections is particularly useful for other building materials, which can thus unfold their circular potential: Bricks laid with clay mortar can be reused, bricks laid with cement mortar cannot. The separability of clay materials extends deep into the material matrix: even the sand can be removed after decades of use and reused in a new and different way.

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The building material clay

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