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Schlafzimmer im Fachwerkhaus mit Lehmputz


Responsible renovation and insulation

A large part of our historic building fabric is made of clay. For 40 years, we at ClayTec have been the professionals for the preservation of historical monuments and in particular for the renovation of timber-framed buildings, for which we were honored with the German Prize for Monument Protection in 1997. With safe and efficient interior insulation and wall surface heating, we are also your contact for energy-efficient refurbishment.

The building material clay

Timber frame renovation

A timber frame renovation begins with the infill. Clay building materials have the right properties and promote a long life for the timber construction. We have the authentic historical materials for repairing existing clay infills. New infill work is carried out with our clay bricks, which have proven themselves in renovation practice for decades. We offer adapted exterior lime plaster for the exterior and interior insulation techniques and interior clay plaster for the interior. We also have the right solution for ceilings in timber-framed houses.

The building material clay

Interior insulation

In many cases, the timber-frame facade should remain as a visible framework. ClayTec offers several interior insulation techniques that have been developed for the special design features of timber frame renovation. They are safe, robust and fault-tolerant during planning, installation and use. Interior insulation has advantages beyond the preservation of the visible facades: it allows rooms to be heated quickly and can be perfectly combined with wall surface heating systems. ClayTec interior insulation systems are not only suitable for the renovation of timber-framed houses, but also for all building tasks relating to the preservation of historical monuments and existing buildings.

ClayTec Innendämmung
The building material clay

Historic preservation

For centuries, clay was a common building material for almost all building types and in every region. Clay plaster on walls and ceilings can be found not only in half-timbered houses, but also in brick and natural stone buildings. Clay can also be found where you wouldn’t expect it, for example as a ceiling filling. ClayTec offers authentic and technically correct solutions for professional renovation. They are sensitive and respect the original substance. The water-solubility of the clay building materials also contributes to this; everything is reversible if necessary. In the process, it is possible to respond individually to the nature of the properties and to mandatory specifications in line with today’s living requirements.

Historisches Gewölbe, Historisches Gebäude mit Lehmputz
The building material clay

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