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Dry earth fill material

Dry earth fill material

Dry, free-flowing ceiling fill. GRANULAT clay ceiling fill consists of crushed clay block pieces

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Dry earth fill material

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Dry earth fill material

Product information

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Clay product type
Clay fill (LT) according to section 3.6 of the earth building standards issued by the Dachverband Lehm (German clay construction trade association).

Field of application
Dry, free-flowing ceiling fill material for filling cavities, storing heat and improving sound insulation.

Earth and clay, grain size 0-25 mm, oversize grain usually up to 4 cm, larger fragments also possible. The material may contain wood chips or chopped straw.

Material parameters
Bulk density with slightly compacted fill approx. 1350 kg/m3 (thermal conductivity 0.56 W/mK, µ 5/10).

Delivery form
Dry 03.061 in 1.0-t Big Bags (0.75 m3 slightly compacted fill).

Store in a dry place. Can be stored indefinitely.


Dry earth fill material


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