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Regionale Verfügbarkeit von Lehm


Building material = raw material

Clay is an almost infinitely available raw material found in nature. ClayTec does not need to dig its own pits to extract clay: the clay we use is a so-called secondary raw material, which is available as a surface layer from the extraction of gravel and sand, among other things.

The building material clay

Easy procurement

A good proportion of all soils worldwide consist of clay, which is an almost infinitely available raw material in nature. For us at ClayTec, no pits are created specifically for the extraction of clay. The excavated clay we use is produced anyway and would be sent to landfill if we did not use it.

Lehmgrube in NRW, Lehmschicht
The building material clay

Short ways

The clay and the majority of the other raw materials used for our products come from the respective regions of our production sites. The transport distances are often only a few kilometers. This saves fossil energy and has a minimal impact on the landscape and roads. The short transportation routes have a positive effect on the environmental product properties and on production costs.

The building material clay

Simple supply chains

Our raw material can be used directly as a building material. Many products consist of just a few components, usually only or mainly clay, sand and natural additives such as straw. Mixing is not an overly complex manufacturing process and chemical additives are unnecessary. This simplicity ensures security of supply even in difficult times, such as during the coronavirus pandemic, and ecological and social standards are self-evident and easy to guarantee.

Lehm auf Förderband
The building material clay

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