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Social responsibility

Our responsibility to society

ClayTec Clay Building Materials, as an internationally operating company, is always aware of its social responsibility. Therefore, ClayTec is involved in various social projects, providing support through both financial contributions and personnel resources. From assistance in disaster situations to the support of sustainable projects in developing countries, ClayTec’s aid program encompasses a wide range of initiatives.

Social responsibility

Clay Resource Centers in Ghana

In June 2022, ClayTec last reported on the project by ArchiFair, a non-profit organization building sustainable structures for children and youth in southern Ghana. The goal is to create sustainable hubs that provide a safe space for education and exchange for the entire community. During the construction phase, the environmental impact of the construction industry is intended to be reduced by using environmentally friendly, circular, and pollutant-free clay building materials. Meanwhile, construction has progressed, and the “mudLIBRARY” project is taking shape. For the final phase and completion, ArchiFair relies on further donations. Learn more about the ArchiFair project.

CLAYTEC unterstützt Anlaufstellen aus Lehm in Ghana
Social responsibility

Human Plus e.V., in collaboration with ClayTec, is supporting those affected in Ukraine.

After the Russian troops invaded Ukraine on March 24, 2022, both Human Plus e.V. and ClayTec immediately decided: we will help. ClayTec is providing support with a financial donation to purchase necessary aid for those affected in Ukraine. In addition, all ClayTec employees are given the opportunity to assist in loading the relief supplies. For ClayTec, it was important to choose a local partner who ensures that the aid is essential and reaches where it is needed. More information about the work of Human Plus e.V. and Ukraine aid can be found here.

CLAYTEC unterstützt zum einen mit einer finanziellen Spende, um die notwendindigen Hilfsgüter für Betroffene in der Ukraine einzukaufen. Zusätzlich wird allen CLAYTEC Mitarbeiter*innen freigestellt, bei der Verladung der Hilfsgüter zu helfen
Social responsibility

ClayTec cycles for more bike promotion and climate protection

Every year, ClayTec participates in “Stadtradeln” for 21 days, aiming to advocate for more bicycle promotion, climate protection, and quality of life. Nationwide, in previous years, a total of 703,590 cyclists have participated in the competition, covering an impressive 138,142,580 kilometers. This also means that by choosing bicycles over cars, 21,274 tons of CO2 emissions have been avoided. As a producer and supplier of ecological building materials, climate protection is of particular importance to ClayTec, not only regarding the manufactured products but across all levels of the company. To promote climate protection, it includes opting for bicycles more often than cars. Learn more about the “Stadtradeln” initiative here.

CLAYTEC radelt für mehr Radförderung und Klimaschutz
Social responsibility

Christmas donation to heartfelt projects

Every year, ClayTec supports a heartfelt project with its traditional Christmas donation. In recent years, donations have been made to various initiatives, including the Kulturrampe Krefeld e.V., with the aim of benefiting local artists and cultural institutions. The Simple.Architecture initiative led by Dipl.-Ing. Architect Jan Glasmeier was also chosen to receive support for the construction of a school in Nakivale, southern Uganda. For several years, Simple.Architecture has been dedicated to using alternative and natural materials in social architecture projects. Amazing projects are realized with the local population using regionally available building products and traditional construction methods. Learn more about the allocation of the traditional Christmas donation.

CLAYTEC Weihnachtsspende an Simple Architecture
Social responsibility

Flood relief effort - ClayTec supports affected

In August 2021, a dramatic flood catastrophe occurred in many towns across Germany. Over 100 liters of rain per square meter fell within just 24 hours in the Eifel and the Bergisches Land. The water scarcely absorbed into the ground and collected in the narrow, steep valleys of the low mountain ranges. Small streams turned into raging rivers, flooding the towns with dreadful consequences – many historic buildings were severely damaged, and the infrastructure of the towns was completely paralyzed. As a company with roots in monument preservation, it was immediately clear to us that we had to help! With our decades of craftsmanship and technical experience in timber frame restoration, we were able to offer direct assistance to many affected individuals on-site – and continue to do so! Get an overview of the entire flood relief effort.

Hochwasserhilfe - CLAYTEC unterstützt Betroffene vor Ort
Social responsibility

Promotion of the initiative AKTIONGRUEN

ClayTec aims to draw special attention to the importance of biodiversity, particularly focusing on wild bees. Therefore, we provide year-round support to AKTIONGRUEN. AKTIONGRUEN constructs nesting aids and also offers assistance in building such aids. At ClayTec, we promote AKTIONGRUEN’s initiative by providing clay powder, sachets, and aiding in label design. Perfectly suited for above-ground nesting wild bees is the Fine Clay Finish 06. This is even recommended by NABU Geesthacht, as the Fine Clay Finish 06, with its exceptionally fine grain, is the ideal material for the bees’ burrowing. Learn more about how clay can truly support wild bees.

CLAYTEC möchte auf die Wichtigkeit der Artenvielfalt von Wildbienen besonderes aufmerksam machen. Daher unterstützen wir ganzjährig die AKTIONGRUEN.

If you are interested in collaboration or need assistance for a social project, please feel free to contact us.

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