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Clay colour plaster coarse with straw

Clay colour plaster coarse with straw

Art.-Nr.: 10.210

Art.-Nr.: 10.220

Art.-Nr.: 10.230

Art.-Nr.: 10.240

Art.-Nr.: 10.250

Art.-Nr.: 10.260

Single-layer colored topcoat plaster for interior use. The material is usually applied 6-10 mm thick. It is thus also suitable for substrates that would be too uneven for the application of a clay thin-layer finish. The thick application also allows the formation of coarse-textured surfaces. Clay colour plaster coarse is neither further coated nor painted. This not only saves costs: the clay surface can be experienced in the room pure and one-to-one.

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Clay colour plaster coarse with straw

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Clay colour plaster coarse with straw

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Single-layer coloured topcoat plaster for interior use. Hand or machine plaster. On ClayTec clay undercoat, suitable masonry, solid building materials, plaster baseboards and, if necessary, dry construction boards.

Natural building clay, colored clays and loams, mixed-grain washed sand 0-2.2 mm, fibers barley straw up to 10 mm and cellulose fibers.

Clay colour coarse LIGHT (CLAYTEC 10.210), Clay colour plaster coarse GREY (CLAYTEC 10.220), Clay colour plaster coarse RED (ClayTec 10.230), Clay colour plaster coarse GREEN (ClayTec 10.240), Clay colour plaster coarse YELLOW (ClayTec 10.250), Clay Colour plaster coarse BEIGE (ClayTec 10.260)

Delivery forms, yield
Dry in 25kg bags (erg. approx. 15l – 17l plaster mortar, depending on color shade slightly different approx. 2.7m2 area at D= 0.6cm).
Approx. 1.56 kg/m2 per mm plaster thickness), 48 sack/pal.

Status: 11/2023

Clay colour plaster coarse with straw


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Clay colour plaster coarse with straw

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