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Sustainable new development in Nordrach: ecological living and working concept with clay

Sustainable new development in Nordrach: ecological living and working concept with clay

Architectural office: Michael Welle Architektur GmbH
Craft business: Heimatbauen GmbH
Timber construction: Holzbau Bendler GmbH
Photos: Patrick Möhrle

In Michelbach 1a, 77787 Nordrach, a building project is taking shape that is characterized by its ecological construction. The building not only houses two modern apartments, but also an office and a workshop, making it a versatile living and working space.

The new construction is characterized in particular by its sustainable design. The focus was on the choice of circular building materials. Michael Welle, owner and architect, says: “Ecological construction is the only sensible option for our future and that of future generations.” The building was constructed using timber and has straw insulation. This environmentally friendly insulation method not only ensures excellent thermal insulation, but also minimizes the building’s ecological footprint. In addition, climate-friendly clay building materials were chosen for the interior work. The “Clayboard heavy (LEMIX)” was used with the “Clay adhesive and reinforcing mortar” and a flax fabric. In addition, the “Clay undercoat plaster with straw” was used, which can be used as a base for all coarse and fine clay finishing plasters. Both the “YOSIMA clay designer plaster” and the “YOSIMA clay surfacer” were used for the surface design. Both products are available in a total of 146 different shades. The “YOSIMA clay surfacer” is suitable for a particularly smooth wall finish. It is sandable, smooth and even conditionally water-repellent. Clay building materials are the ideal choice for ecological construction, the raw material is sufficiently available locally and its advantages are convincing throughout the entire life cycle – from extraction and finishing to installation and amazingly diverse use, even including reuse. In addition, clay building materials contribute to a healthy and balanced indoor climate and bind odors and dust.

The two residential units offer modern comfort combined with ecological awareness. The rooms are flooded with light and thoughtfully designed to create a pleasant living environment. The office and workshop are tailored to the needs of contemporary work processes and offer an inspiring space for creative ideas. With Michelbach 1a, this building project not only makes an architectural statement, but also an ecological one. It combines modern living comfort, functional workspaces and sustainable construction.


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