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der Stautenhof in Willich-Anrath verarbeitet CLAYTEC Produkte



Christoph and Beate Leiders run the Stautenhof farm in Willich-Anrath near Düsseldorf together with their daughter Theresa and her husband Christoph Coßmann. They have been successfully running the farm according to Naturland and Bioland guidelines since 1997. The motto “organic” has been written in capital letters on the farm for generations, so the Stautenhof is also a member of the Naturland and Bioland associations. The organic farm includes a large farm store with a butcher’s shop, cheese counter, bakery and a bistro.

Feed grain, field beans, maize, grass, potatoes and vegetables are grown on 80 hectares. In addition, 55 sows, 350 fattening pigs and 60 beef cattle are kept on the farm. The pigs are reared and kept in a closed system, which means that no animals are bought in externally. 2400 laying hens and 2000 broilers live in mobile sheds on the clover grass meadows. A flock of sheep with eight ewes and three rams completes the animal population. Visitors and customers can find a wide range of farm produce in the farm store and organic butcher’s shop. There is also something for every taste at the cheese counter. The Stautenhof’s guiding principle is: “Farming in harmony with people and nature, economically, ecologically and socially balanced.”

The foundation stone of the Stautenhof was laid in 1856, and after a few years of tenancy by the Leiders family, Christoph Leiders took over the farm in 1987. Exactly ten years later, the conversion to organic farming took place. As early as 2003, the Stautenhof was named the leading farm for organic farming in North Rhine-Westphalia and this guiding principle is still practiced with great passion today. In the following years, further developments followed that strengthened the sustainability aspect of the farm, such as the purchase of electric vehicles and charging stations or the provision of certified organic rental gardens on the Stautenhof site.

Now it was time for a new home for the Leiders couple. A new house in the form of a timber construction was built on the grounds of the Stautenhof, because one thing was certain: ecological materials were to be used in the construction of the house. ClayTec trade partner Knoben Haus uns Holzbau was also involved in the Leiders’ construction project. ClayTec clay dry plaster panels D16, made from clay and reed, were used for the construction project. These are ideal for covering the surface of wood and wood-based materials as well as old plaster and solid building materials. ClayTec clay plaster was applied to the clay dry plasterboard and the construction was finished with a clay coating. The result is a modern residential building on the family’s traditional farm.

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