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Award-winning restoration: from historic home to modern architect’s office

Award-winning restoration: from historic home to modern architect’s office

Award-winning restoration: from historic home to modern architect's office

Villa Beisswanger, a listed building in Schorndorf, was originally built between 1897 and 1898 as a residential building. After careful modernization, it now serves as an architect’s office.

Craftsmen U.Leibbrand GmbH
Architectural office Stammler Architekten PartGmbB
Photos Volker Banaditsch

During the restoration and redesign of the villa, particular emphasis was placed on preserving the original substance as far as possible. For this reason, clay building materials were chosen, which proved to be suitable due to their physical building properties.

A total of 118.19 m² of exterior walls and 321.37 m² of interior walls of the villa were modernized with sustainable clay building materials. On the exterior walls, wall heating systems were installed on wood fiber insulation boards in a bed of “Clay undercoat plaster with straw“. As clay can sometimes be heated higher than other plasters on very cold days, wall surface heating systems in combination with clay building materials are a perfect choice.
The interior walls of the offices were renovated with clay building materials on both the first floor and the upper floor. “YOSIMA clay designer plaster” in three different shades from the SCGR Jade Green color range was then used as the surface finish. Thanks to its natural composition, YOSIMA is available in a wide range of colors, from light pastel shades to strong nuances.

Clay not only offers the possibility of regulating humidity and creating a healthy indoor climate, but is also characterized by its durability and sustainability. In addition, the natural look of the YOSIMA clay designer plaster blends harmoniously into the historic ambience of the villa.

The restoration of Villa Beisswanger is an example of the successful preservation of a historic building while taking modern standards of sustainability and building quality into account. The use of clay building materials created a contemporary working environment of high aesthetic and functional quality.
U. Leibbrand GmbH was awarded the title of PAINTER OF THE YEAR 2024 in the “Historic Buildings” category for the renovation of the property.

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