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Clay insulation plaster, naturally-moist

Clay insulation plaster, naturally-moist

Art.-Nr.: 05.036

Art.-Nr.: 05.236

Single or multi-layer underlay plaster for interior use. Why give away the space under interior insulation boards? Compared to normal clay plaster mortars, relining layers of clay insulating plaster significantly reduce thermal insulation. Clay insulating plaster is also a problem solver for many cases, e.g. window reveals or for minimal insulation over a wide area. It is suitable as a base for all coarse and fine ClayTec clay finishing plasters.

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Clay insulation plaster, naturally-moist

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Clay insulation plaster, naturally-moist

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Single or multi-layer undercoat plaster for interior use. Hand plaster. As thick-layer leveling plaster under interior insulation boards, for uneven window reveals and conical plaster layers, on thermal bridges and integrating walls and ceilings, as flat minimum insulation.

Clay, pumice 5 mm, grain group, oversize according to DIN 0/4, < 8 mm, vegetable fibers, straw. Fine fibers, straw.

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Building material values
Drying shrinkage 2%. Strength class S I. Flexural strength 0.4 N/mm2 Compressive strength 1.0 N/mm2. Adhesive strength 0.10 N/mm2. Bulk density class 1.0 (bulk density 960 kg/m3). Thermal conductivity 0.19 W/m∙K. µ-value 5/10. Water vapor adsorption class WS III. Building material class B2*.

Delivery forms, yield
Earth-moistened 05.036 in 0.9 t big bags (results in 675 l plaster mortar,
45 m2 surface at D= 1.5 cm. Approx. 1.48 kg/m2 per mm plaster thickness).
Earth-moistened 05.236 in 0.45 t big bags (results in 340 l plaster mortar,
23 m2 area at D= 1.5 cm. Approx. 1.48 kg/m2 per mm plaster thickness)

Store in a dry place. Earth-moist lightweight clay insulation plaster should be applied no later than 3 months after manufacture.
In winter, earth-moist goods must be stored so they are protected from freezing, otherwise workability during frost is impaired.

Status: 11/2023

Clay insulation plaster, naturally-moist


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