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Villa Casa Adèlia

im traumhaften Feriendomizil "Casa Adelia" an der portugiesischen Algarve, wurden CLAYTEC Produkte verarbeitet

Villa Casa Adèlia

Villa Casa Adèlia

Villa Casa Adèlia is a dream vacation home in the Portuguese Algarve. Our ClayTec partner Mestre Construtivo in Portugal carried out the renovation of this special property without any architectural interventions. We are delighted that a full-service construction company that combines expertise and technology with respect for traditional craftsmanship and a passion for design has used our ClayTec clay building materials here.

ClayTec products used: YOSIMA clay surfacer
Photos: Mestre Construtivo
Craft business: Mestre Construtivo

Mestre Construtivo, a company based in Loulé since 2000 and operating throughout the Algarve, combines traditional craftsmanship and design features with advanced technology and bespoke solutions based on years of local experience. The result is renovations and new builds that are aesthetically pleasing as well as comfortable and functional.

Villa Casa Adèlia has a tastefully furnished living and sleeping area. The property impresses with its modernity and clarity, while elements such as an open fireplace create a cozy atmosphere. Our ClayTec YOSIMA clay color filler was used to renovate the brightly designed villa. The YOSIMA clay color filler is a smooth wall finish and therefore ideal for a modern ambience. With 146 available shades, without artificial colorants and pigments, the result is a system for interior design at the highest level.

The property has a total of four bathrooms and four bedrooms, a private pool and a lovingly landscaped garden surrounding the villa. The terrace on the second floor offers a fantastic view of the Atlantic Ocean – the ideal place to relax!

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