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Beluga Tower

im Beluga Tower in Bremen wurde mit CLAYTEC Produkten gefertigt

Beluga Tower

Beluga Shipping GmbH was the market leader in the field of heavy sea transportation. Its new company headquarters in Bremen was completed in summer 2009. The building is located on the site of Bremen’s Teerhof, a river island in the Weser and a place steeped in tradition in the Hanseatic city. The 7-storey office building offers space for 300 employees on approx. 12,000 m² of floor space. With its restrained exterior design, it impresses on the inside with surprising architectural accents. These include the expressively curved staircases, which have an individual design on each floor.

ClayTec products used: YOSIMA clay designer plaster

Careful attention was paid to ecological quality when selecting the materials. Clayfix (now YOSIMA) was chosen for the wall design. A total of approx. 6500 m² was plastered with a mixture of pure white fine plaster (now YOSIMA WE 0) and Ambiente flash (WE 0 with Flash aggregate). The large contiguous areas in the entrance foyer with its large glass fronts are particularly impressive.

The rubbed Clayfix surface creates soft, flowing shadows in grazing light that could not be achieved with any paint or other filling techniques. There are some tricky technical details, such as the coating of the round columns. These and other hurdles were mastered brilliantly by the workshop and painting company C. Kapser. The company is based near Wilhelmshaven and had won the client’s trust with two previous projects. The 5 plastered surfaces were produced with just eight employees.

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