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Agriturismo Terra del Sole

Agriturismo Terra del Sole eine Unterkunft in Albosaggia, verwendet CLAYTEC Produkte

Agriturismo Terra del Sole

Agriturismo Terra del Sole is an accommodation facility in Albosaggia, in central Valtellina, just a few kilometers from Sondrio, the capital of the province. The area is characterized by lush meadows, a fantastic alpine panorama and the nearby river Adda. Architect Rinaldo del Nero designed the “Sole” and “Terra” suites for the accommodation, taking inspiration from the surrounding natural scenery. The rooms were designed to strengthen the connection between man and nature and invite guests to regenerate mind, soul and body.

ClayTec products used: Clay Bricks and Rammed Earth
Architectural office: Rinaldo del Nero
Concept: Anna Barlascini
Craft business: CLV costruzioni
Woodwork: Bricalli falegnameria
Owner: Agriturismo Terra del Sole
Photos: Marcello Mariana

As the name suggests, the element of earth plays the leading role in the “Terra” suite. What material would be better suited to this room concept than natural earth itself? The center of the room was therefore formed from a rammed earth wall. This separates the sleeping area from the bathroom. The highlight of the room was created from ClayTec rammed earth, by hand using the “Pisè” technique. In addition to the functional aspect, the rammed earth also ensures a pleasant indoor climate – moisture is regulated and odors and dust are trapped. These regulating properties are beneficial to health and well-being. Dark shades also dominate the color concept, rounding off the atmosphere of serenity and calm. The combination of dark design elements and the natural rammed earth look creates the ideal place to relax mind, soul and body.


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