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Glassfibre mesh 112

Glassfibre mesh 112

Art.-Nr.: 35.011

Art.-Nr.: 35.014

Surface reinforcement for clay adhesive and reinforcing mortars and all clay plasters. ClayTec-Glasgewebe 112 is a gauze made of glass silk yarn/roving, finished with polymer. It is tensile, very fine and particularly easy to process. Surface reinforcement especially for planking made of clay building boards heavy (LEMIX).

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Glassfibre mesh 112

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Glassfibre mesh 112

Product information

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As surface reinforcement for planking made of Clay Building Boards heavy (LEMIX) ClayTec 09.014 and 09.015.

Leno fabric made of glass silk yarn/roving, finished with polymer. Weight approx. 112 g/m2, warp/weft approx. 16/15 threads per 10 cm, clear mesh size approx. 5.0 x 5.5 mm. Alkali resistant.

Form of delivery
On rolls.
In surface reinforcement width 100 cm, length 100 m (ClayTec 35.011) and length 35 m (ClayTec 35.014).

Dry, airy and protected from direct sunlight for at least three years.

Amount required
Surface reinforcement as m2 plaster surface plus 10% to 20% reserve for offcut and overlap.

Issued 04-2023

Glassfibre mesh 112


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