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Reed matting 70ST

Reed matting 70ST

Art.-Nr.: 34.001

Art.-Nr.: 34.002

Plaster base on mixed substrates and wood. The mesh made of reed and wire with 70 stalks/rm was rediscovered and further developed by ClayTec in the 1980s. The stalk spacing perfectly matches the grain size of coarse clay plaster mortars. It is used for plaster adhesion on wooden beams and gives strength to unstable walls and thick relining layers. 34.001 on 10.0 m rolls is our standard product. 34.002 on 5.0 m rolls features extra strong straws for demanding applications (e.g. planking) and stable bond even with smaller cuts.

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Reed matting 70ST

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Reed matting 70ST

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Plaster base fabric mat on walls and ceilings for clay plasters indoors, for lime plasters also outdoors. For stabilizing leveling plasters. As permanent formwork for lightweight clay walls and interior shells.

Fabric made of natural reed stalks and galvanized iron wires. Approx. 70 stalks per linear meter. 34.001 Binding approx. every 20 cm. 34.002 Weave approx. every 10 cm, especially strong stalks.

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Rolls. Width 2.0 m (stalk length), 34.001 Length 10.0 m. 34.002 Length 5.0 m.

Store in a dry and airy place, not under plastic film. Carefully protect from moisture and condensation during transport and storage.

Status: 02/2021

Reed matting 70ST


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