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Unterputzkelle ARA-GOTE

Basecoat plaster trowel ARA-GOTE

Basecoat plaster trowel ARA-GOTE

Art.-Nr.: 181/01210

Art.-Nr.: 181/01240

Art.-Nr.: 181/01300

Hon-yaki steel forged, strong and robust blade, blade thickness 0.8 mm. Trowel for the application of clay base plaster and clay top plaster coarse. Also for spreading cast-on or sprayed-on mortar on the plaster surface and for leveling the plaster mass. Narrow base plaster trowers are particularly suitable for drawing up the mortar from the plastering board, while wide trowers are used for effortless leveling of the fresh mortar.

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Basecoat plaster trowel ARA-GOTE

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Basecoat plaster trowel ARA-GOTE

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Article description
Basecoat plaster trowel ARA-GOTE
Product features
Wood/Hon-yaki steel, Blade 0.8 mm thick


Lenght 210 mm, Width 65-80 mm (Article number: 181/01210)
Lenght 240 mm, Width 80-95 mm (Article number: 181/01240)
Lenght 300 mm, Width 95-105mm (Article number: 181/01300)

Basecoat plaster trowel ARA-GOTE


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