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Lightclay, woodchip

Lightclay, woodchip

Art.-Nr.: 03.011

Light clay, woodship is installed wet for interior shells in pouring technique, for example, if the exterior walls have large projections and recesses on the inside or if installations are to be installed. Light clay, woodchip is ecological and forms stable structures.

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Lightclay, woodchip

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Lightclay, woodchip

Product information

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Field of application
Light clay for interior insulating facing shells for timber framed houses and other historical buildings.

Natural building clay, wood chips (spruce-fir)

Material values
Dry bulk density at usual installation 600 kg/m3 (heat lightness 0.17 W/mK, µ 5/10), building material class A1

Supply forms
Ready for use in 0.9 t big bags

Protect from drying out or moisture penetration due to weathering.

Status: 02/2021

Lightclay, woodchip


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