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ClayTec Cavity Wall Box Holder (Clayanchor©)

ClayTec Cavity Wall Box Holder (Clayanchor©)

Art.-Nr.: 35.200

ClayTec Cavity wall box holder – For fixing installation boxes

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ClayTec Cavity Wall Box Holder (Clayanchor©)

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ClayTec Cavity Wall Box Holder (Clayanchor©)

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The cavity wall box holder is an installation aid for commercially available cavity boxes in clay building boards as well as soft wood fiberboards. ClayTec cavity wall box holders (Clayanchor©) are suitable for providing a secure hold for the metal tabs on the back of the cavity wall boxes during tightening. They are locked onto the back of the panel and cut flush with the panel after the junction box has been inserted and fixed.


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Art. No. 35.200 ClayTec cavity wall box holder (Clayanchor)
embossing “ClayTec”, RAL 3000 (fire red), pack of 50 pcs. (sufficient for 25 pcs. switch, data and power sockets)

In addition to this product sheet, the ClayTec guide ecological drywall in the system applies.

Edition 05-2022

ClayTec Cavity Wall Box Holder (Clayanchor©)


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