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Clay thin-bed mortar

Clay thin-bed mortar

Art.-Nr.: 10.150

ClayTec clay thin-bed mortar is an ecological adhesive for all types of masonry made of sufficiently even bricks. Its excellent environmental properties set it apart from products made from baked binders and various chemical additives. ClayTec clay thin-bed mortar is water-soluble. At the end of a building’s service life, bricks and sand-lime bricks can be dismantled and reused according to type. This completely redefines the environmental performance of these proven and efficient solid building materials. ClayTec offers sophisticated system solutions for the necessary water-soluble plaster.

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Clay thin-bed mortar

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Clay thin-bed mortar

Product information

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Product and application

Thin-bed mortar as a dry ready-mix for bonding sufficiently even bricks and flat blocks for non-load-bearing interior masonry without fire protection requirements.


Sand up to 1.0 mm, building clay, talc, perlite, plant fibers and cellulose.

Building material values

Bending tensile strength 2.0 N/mm2. Compressive strength 3.0 N/mm2.
Adhesive shear strength 0.45 N/mm2. Bulk density approx. 1,450 kg/m3.

Delivery forms, yield

A 25 kg bag yields approx. 17 l mortar for approx. 18 m2.
Joint-bonded masonry made of 4 or 8 DF blocks, wall thickness 11.5 cm or for approx. 12 m2 Joint-bonded masonry made of 12 DF blocks, wall thickness 17.5 cm.


Status: 2/24

Clay thin-bed mortar


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