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CLAYTEC Lehmterrazzo

Terrazzo clay

Terrazzo clay

Art.-Nr.: 04.100 - 04.599

Ready mix for terrazzo clay floors, suitable also for underfloor heating systems. Terrazzo clay revives the traditional and elegant Italian polished floor technique. The material is unique in its look and feel. The offered color shades make every floor an experience. Terrazzo clay is a special design material, also its processing is demanding. Please contact us!

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Terrazzo clay

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Terrazzo clay

Product information

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Field of application
Terrazzo floors in the interior of residential buildings, as a screed for underfloor heating systems.

Colored, mixed-grain natural stone granules 0-16 mm (oversize up to 22 mm possible), building clay, colored clays and loams, cellulose fibers, methyl cellulose ≤ 1%.

Terrazzo clay is available with light gray and beige grains and a project-specific matrix in earth red, earth yellow, earth green and earth gray shades.

Material properties
Dry bulk density approx. 1,700 kg/m3 (thermal conductivity 1.5 W/mK, µ 5/10)

Supply form
Project-related earth-moist mixed in 1.0 t big bags.

Protect against dehydration or humidification by weather.
After delivery, which takes place shortly after production, Terrazzo clay must be processed within 2-4 weeks depending on weather conditions.

Status: 03/2021

Terrazzo clay


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