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Sustainability and innovation

We have been integrating earth as a sustainable solution for interior fittings and solid construction for almost 40 years. Our earth building materials promote future-oriented, circular building and living.

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Aesthetics and perfection

Ecological building, sustainable renovation and aesthetic diversity go hand in hand. Modern clay plasters offer endless design possibilities for a healthy living climate and improve our environment.

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Origin and future

As a building material made from natural raw materials, clay is a so-called low-tech building material. The natural raw materials, clay and sand, together with other natural additives such as straw, result in the finishe

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ClayTec Baustoffe aus Lehm

Climate-friendly. Circular. Clean.

In order to protect our environment and future generations, the construction and building sector needs sustainable building materials that use the earth’s resources sparingly and whose use has little or no impact on future generations. Above all, this should also take into account the dismantling of buildings, the recovery of building materials and the possible disposal of building materials, the so-called output factors. Clay is one such sustainable building material.

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Application technology

Expert knowledge as a foundation

With over 35 years of experience and know-how at your side.

ClayTec from Viersen produces and sells building materials made of clay via the building materials trade. We are an owner-managed, medium-sized family business.

ClayTec originated from a craft business, core competence, basic products and application techniques are the result of our own practice and experience. The aim of the company was and is to make clay as a building material available for modern construction and to integrate it into its structures.

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Find inspiration for your project

Building ecologically, renovating effectively and sustainably: Does the appearance actually fall by the wayside? Quite the opposite. Modern clay plasters can enrich the appearance of any interior with almost endless possibilities for visual and tactile design. It is due to the flexible material and the multifaceted forms of processing that clay can be used so variably in terms of aesthetics. This makes it possible to create individual interior designs according to your own preferences. With clay – a historical building material and at the same time a sustainable material for modern and healthy building – you can give interiors an individual character and thus create the ideal conditions for feeling completely at ease.

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Clay as a building material of the future

Event highlight: “Frugal Bauen” focused on clay as the building material of the future at Architecture Summer ’23

The “Frugal Bauen” collective started in summer 2022 as a series of lectures initiated by students at HafenCity University (HCU). “Frugality” means something like “modesty” or “simplicity”. It is intended to characterize a counter-movement to current building practice. “Frugal Bauen” aims to revive the old knowledge of traditional building methods and initiate change. The aim of the collective is to create trust among architects and non-architects in a wide range of ecological building materials (e.g. clay, straw, wood, hemp lime, seaweed).

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